Carla Stefannía Donado Stefani

Carla Stefannía Donado Stefani

Gynecology-ObstetricsReproductive Endocrinological/Infertal Gynecology & Obstetrics

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"I see medicine as an art, a science that is at the service of people and my goal is to accompany my patients to reach the highest level of well-being. And in the case of reproductive medicine, to fulfill a dream as great as is the to have a child"

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Procedures (78)

Gynecologic control
Intrauterine inseminations
Prenatal care
Single C-section (one baby)
Anti incontinence surgery with SLING placement
Bartholin gland abscess drainage
Bartholin's gland extirpation
Breast exam
Cervical cerclage
Cervical pathology
Cervical, vaginal or vulvar polyp removal
Cervix biopsy
Cesarean postpartum hysterectomy
Childbirth preparation
Copper T placement (Device included)
Diagnostic laparoscopy
Endo metrectomy
Endometrial biopsy
Exploratory laparsocopy
Fallopian tube prosthetic implant
Fetal monitoring
First consultation
Gynecological ultrasound
HPV vaccine
Human papillomavirus (HPV) exam
Hysteroscopic foreign object removal
Implanon Application
In vitro preparation
Inner labia or labia resection surgery
Intrauterine Device Placement (Device not included)
Intrauterine Device Placement (Includes device)
IUD removal procedure
Labia Surgery
Labor control and care
Laparoscopic adhesion release
Laparoscopic ectopic gestation
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Laparoscopic tube ligation surgery
Laparotomic tube ligation surgery
Manual Vacuum Aspiration
Multiple birth
Multiple C-section (more than one baby)
Natural birth attention
Obstetric Ultrasound
Ovarian cystectomy
Pap smear
Pelvic endometriosis laparoscopy
Pelvic exam
Pelvic inflammatory disease laparoscopic treatment
Pessary placement
Placement copper T (Device not included)
Post surgery follow-up
Posterior Colpoperineorrafia
Postpartum salpingectomy
Pregnancy Complications
Previous colpoperineorrafia
Salpingectomy transcesarean
Tranvaginal echography
Uterine conserving surgery
Uterine dilation and curettage
Uterine neck cerclage removal
Uterine prolapse surgery
Vaginal exam
Vaginal foreign growth removal
Vaginal Hysterectomy
Vaginal, juxta, or paracervical cyst removal
Vulva benign tumor removal
Vulva biopsy
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General Info

About me

The vocation of service, helping people is what motivated me to study medicine, and the magic of being a witness to the birth of a baby, the integral attention to the health of women, which led me to be a Gynecologist and Obstetrician.


English, português, Español


  • Specialty of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Jaén. May 2010 - March 2015
  • Doctor in medicine. Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Panamá. March 2001 - February 2007
  • Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility

  • Master in Human Reproduction

    January 2016 - November 2017